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Deal With My DIVORCE

We can give you the best divorce advice from our leading family and divorce lawyers.

Deal With my VISA

We have clear guidance about VISAs which prevents confusion about your application.

Deal With My HIRE

Do you require our credit history recovery services? Our team is always ready to help.

Deal With My BOSS

Unhappy about a situation that has occurred in the workplace? We’re here to help.


Have you been injured in a road accident? We will guide you if you want to make a claim.

Deal With My INJURY

Looking to claim compensation relating to a personal injury? We’re here to help you.

Deal With My DENTIST

Have you been on the receiving end of dental negligence? We're here to help you.

Deal With My BIKE

We have a specialist team that can help you if you have had an accident whilst cycling.

Deal With My Doctor

Have you been on the receiving end of clinical negligence from your doctor? 

Deal With My Will

Do you need help writing your will? Talk to us today for the legal advice you need.

Deal With My House

Do you need your property conveyancing? Speak to us today!

Deal With My Holiday

Have you fallen ill on holiday? Speak to us about making a claim.

Deal With My Claim is a team of Solicitors that speak your language.


Deal with my claim is a company that is making a fresh new approach when it comes to making any type of claim. We will deal with your claim without over-complicating the process as we do not use legal jargon and put you under unnecessary stress. We are a team of solicitors that speak your language and this is so you can understand the process of making a claim from beginning to end. Currently, we have stores in Wolverhampton, Dudley and Birmingham. Across all of our stores, we are ambitious in our vision to be a familiar sight in all major cities across the UK, enable you to have access to more legal advice than ever.

We work alongside Pabla and Pabla Solicitors who are based in Manchester, UK and they are highly regarded by their clients – Many of which have said they would not hesitate to recommend Pabla and Pabla Solicitors. In addition to this, Pabla and Pabla Solicitors are a leading specialist legal practice so you can be confident that you’re in safe hands. If you’re in need of legal advice, get in contact with us today.



 Congratulations to Hari Pabla, winner of "Best in Law 2017"


The English Asian Business Awards announced on Monday that Hari Pabla, one of the founders of Deal With My Claim, 

was the winner of the "Best in Law 2017" category at their 6th annual event. Presented by Oceanic Consulants, 
The English Asian Business Awards is an annual awards ceremony to honour the determination, hard work and personal 
achievements of English Asian businessmen around the country. 

This is a fantastic achievement for Hari and as a firm, we couldn't be more proud of this incredible accomplishment.

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